Sk Yeahia Been Sayeed

·         Passive neural recording

·         Hermetic flex packaging

·         Embedded-chip or fan-out packaging


Carlos Riera Cercado

·         Passive components for power conversion

·         Wireless power telemetry

·         High-density magnetic components


Sepehr Soroushiani

·         High-density flex packaging

·         Additive manufacturing


Sweta Gupta


·         Multiferroic Power and Data telemetry

·         Piezoelectric and magnetostrictive materials

·         Chiplet-scale 3D Packaging

·         Integrated Hybrid Power Modules

·         Thermal Management and Storage

·         Human Brain and Machine Interface

·         Simulation and Product Design

·         Neural Links with Electronics

·         Self-Powered Sensors for Bionic Applications

Veeru jaiswal ·         Nanostructured multiferroics

·         Nanoscale hermetic interfaces

·         Magnetic field therapy


Abdal Abdalhameed


·         Thermomechanical modeling and design

·         Multiphysics simulations

Huy Nguyen

·         Photonic sensor packaging

·         High-density flex packaging

·         Low-impedance electrode arrays

Kelly Nair Rojas ·         Low-impedance electrode arrays

Akeeb Hassan

·     Reamateable inline connectors