Bioelectronic and Electronic Packaging

Heterogeneous package integration with ultraminiaturized high-performance components and their seamless connectivity with actives devices to form next-generation chiplet-scale 3D modulus is the key vision that drives our research.  We advance next-generation bioelectronics and electronic systems in two classes:

Next-generation systems: We develop key technology building blocks to demonstrate leading-edge functional system prototypes for emerging healthcare, power, 5G, IoT and other market needs. Key system prototypes that we currently develop are:

  • Wireless neural recording and stimulation
  • Wireless flex photonic sensors for wearables and implantables
  • Reconfigurable wireless communication
  • High-power packaging

Basic packaging technologies: Advancing technology elements is the key to create next-generation systems listed above.

We focus on:

  • Innovative fan-out and embedded packaging,
  • 3D connectivity between system components with additive manufacturing
  • Flex high-density packaging.
  • Capacitors and Inductors for power and RF,
  • Multiferroic and inductive power and data telemetry interfaces